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Elegant phone with outdated android
as for the phone - it lies very well in the hand, appears to be much thinner as it really is and is quite elegent. the most importatn thing since my last focalprice fone which had horrible voice-over-phone quality (or was maybe just broken after 6 months) - this one is loud and clear.

i have noticed some ugly artefacts in rendering some webpages - i will try with other browsers, but default one has funny "boxes" where the text loses its colors - blue where shold be black and some picture fragments also being "blinded" - whited out. perhaps is the page coded funny, but i will check it.

i have tried the video playback and came across great flaws - 2 vids - first one has no sound (old codecs?) and the second one, my own recorderd original with Nikon d3300 and even one re-recorderd with handbrake - after some time video just comes out of audio sync...

helpful ? yes (6) no (0)
Overall : 3/5
Price : 4.5
Quality : 4.5
Appearance : 4.5
great quality!
this phone is not like most of the phones you can get from china - usal - pay and pray, where something is always wrong with the item. NOT HERE.
this is a solid quality - great REAL IPS display, robust!
yet i found one huge drawback which is not so obvious on photos. this phone HAS NO HARDWARE KEYS you usually find under the display - these are "softkeys" drawn on the display, shortning the whole display. disappointing, and another thing. this phone is HEAVY. big AND heavy.

other than that, grat value for the price!

helpful ? yes (2) no (2)
Overall : 3/5
Price : 4.5
Quality : 4.5
Appearance : 4.5
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